At Roseville Family Dental Care , we have years of experience with implant. When a complete tooth is missing for whatever reason, we have the option of using dental implants to replace your missing tooth. Dr. Kaur works as a team with local periodontists to assess your missing tooth needs and determine the suitability of implant dentistry for you.

Dental implants are strong, durable, artificial teeth positioned to replace your missing natural teeth. They are permanent and function the same way your natural tooth did.

Implants are different than crowns. An implant is only used where the shell of a tooth isn’t available to attach a crown. An actual anchor will be implanted into the jawbone and will hold the artificial tooth in place. Implant crowns look and feel like your natural tooth.

Although dental implants are a standard option for missing teeth at Roseville Family Dental Care, we would need to assess your individual situation to ensure you are a good candidate for a dental implant and crown.  Once the implant process is complete, you won’t know it is there, it’s like your own natural tooth!  Diligent oral hygiene and regular hygiene visits will ensure the implant lasts a long time.

Our team will be able to assess your best option in terms of aesthetics, durability, longevity and cost effectiveness for implant dentistry.

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Dental Implants Are Succesful:

Since the mid-1970’s when good data started on dental implants, the success rates have been quite high, in fact, a compilation of studies shows about 95% depending on

what area of the jawbone. The other big dependant is proper care of the implant and implant crown.  Other factors that show increased rate of survival is overall health of the patient.  Severe diabetics or those with chronic active disease or heavy smokers must be evaluated more carefully when determining future success of a dental implant. These folks with these conditions must be evaluated on an individual basis in conjunction with their physician.

Dental Implants: “keeping a one tooth problem a one tooth problem”

One of the biggest and maybe most significant concerns with doing dental bridgework to replace missing teeth is the adjacent anchor teeth must be modified and ground down.  Theses anchor teeth are subject to decay and breakdown in the future. Dental bridges are harder to keep clean and plaque-free and this is reason why bridges do not last nearly as long as dental implant restorations.  So why patients ponder the cost of replacing missing teeth with implants vs. conventional crown-and-bridge, they must analyze the future costs of repairing and replacing bridgework. Repairs can include everything from having to do root canals on the anchor teeth to placing fillings around the teeth.

The team of Dr. Ash Vasanthan and Dr. Rupi Kaur, Roseville Implant Dentistry, would be happy to answer any questions regarding cost-effectiveness of tooth replacement options. Please visit them at or at 916-773-4343 for your questions.

Reasons to replace missing teeth with Dental Implants:

Dental implants and bridges and implant supported dentures have so many benefits and features.  The biggest is improved oral health with a restoration that most closely resembles and functions like a tooth. The crown on an implant feels, looks and functions like a regular tooth.  Bridges are difficult to maintain, don’t feel like a tooth, and can breakdown further.  Durability is far superior to conventional crown and bridge dentistry. Implant slast a long time, in fact, most patients who have had dental implants, even dating back to 1908’s, still have their implants intact.

Improved speech is a big reason. With root form implant teeth, our speech and words are much more natural sounding.  Appearance of teeth, your smile, especially front teeth, is a big plus for dental implant restorations over bridgework.  The convenience of implant retained dentures and bridges is a huge reason, they are fixed permanently in your jawbone as opposed to embarrassing, messy removable dentures.  Please contact the Roseville Implant Dentistry team of Dr. Kaur and Dr. Vasanthan, periodontist, at for your consultation regarding modern tooth replacement. They can be reached at 916-773-4343.

A Team Approach to Dental Implant Care in Roseville, CA:

Why a team?  Our implant team, consisting of Dr Rupi Kaur, and Dr Ash Vasanthan, believe that ultimate success starts with good solid communication and collaboration between the general dentist and the implant surgical specialists. Patient desires and input are first received by the hygienist and dentist and then communicated to the periodontist.  Any successful treatment hinges on excellent diagnosis and presurgical planning. Without patient input and communication from the very beginning, implant success is reduced. Dr. Kaur has practiced this team approach for years and has seen where it has really promoted success and patient satisfaction. Through the use of patient interviews, models, digital x-rays, photographs, cone beam scans, computer-aided tomography and careful clinical examinations, success is nearly always guaranteed.

Should a Bridge or Implant Replace a Missing Tooth?

Typically cost is the overriding determinant of whether a bridge or implant is selected to replace a missing tooth. The following bullet points very helpful in shedding light on this:

  • Dental Implant Restorative: No cutting adjacent teeth
  • Dental Implant Restorative: Lasts a lifetime
  • Bridgework: Need to replace after 10-15 yrs
  • Dental Implant Restorative: Dental anesthetic shots not needed=way less pain!
  • Bridgework: Anchor teeth may need repairs
  • Dental Implant Restorative: Simulates tooth more, can floss
  • Bridgework: Bone continues to go away at missing tooth spot
  • Dental Implant Restorative: Bone is maintained!

Who are some of the Dental Implant Manufacturers?

There are well over 10 known common dental implant manufactures who provide dental implants to US dentists. Not all are American companies however. Most dental implants are basically a variation of Dr. Per Branemark’s original dental implant developed in the 1960’s.

The two main manufactures are Straumann USA, a Swiss company who manufactures implants and related parts out of Andover, MA and Nobel Biocare USA is based in southern California. Other strong player sin the market are Astra Tech, Biohorizens, Bicon Dental Implants, Ceraroot, Camlog, Implant Direct, and Zimmer Dental.

The dentists at Roseville Family Dental Care, and Perio Specialist of Roseville, typically stick with Straumann USA or Nobel Biocare USA implant systems as the wealth of research performed and numbers placed attest to their long-term viability and safety. Please call the implant dentists at 916-773-4343 or 916-788-1114.

Why Dental Insurance Does Not Cover Implants:

This question has been a cause of concern for dentists and patients alike for many years.  There are several issues and reasons for this.  The costs of dental implant surgery and implant restorations are prohibitive for insurance companies. Based on the insurance companies actuarial data and cost/benefits analysis, they have remained steadfast on not covering these services in benefits packages.  The dental insurance companies also are still skeptical on the science and success of dental implantology.  They are still not coming together to accept the data.  One other discussion floating in the dental community and health care circles is the idea that if insurance companies get in the business of dental implants and set reduced lower fees like they do with most dental procedures, this will lead to cost-cutting measures by dental providers when delivering implants. We already see discount dental implant manufacturers out there who do not warranty their materials(dental implant) adequately. So these folks tend to like fact that dental insurance companies are staying out of implant work and not providing coverage for dental implants.