Care for the Wiser

Older patients with some life under their belts are of paramount importance to our practice at Roseville. We have a strong history of maintaining the dental health of senior patients and treat every elderly individual with a tailor-made care program.

We have taken into consideration the huge advances there have been in dentistry in the last half a century and utilize these to assist us in helping our seniors. We take time to explain each procedure thoroughly and listen to the needs and worries of our senior clients. We pride ourselves on providing a special service for our elderly neighbors.


  • At each appointment we will reassess your developing medical and dental requirements
  • We prioritize our elderly patients for our morning appointments as these times have proven to be a more comfortable time of the day for senior patients to visit our office and receive dentsitry.
  • Caregivers and relatives are very welcome and we value their input and help.
  • In the case of an emergency we are fully equipped and trained.

All of us here at Roseville believe there is a close relationship between your general health and the health of your teeth. Not only should you maintain a firm dental health regime on a day-to-day basis but you should continue with regular check ups to ensure your teeth last a lifetime. We strive to help you keep all your teeth into your senior years.

Please do not hesitate to call us and visit us.  We welcome you here and invite you to join our family of very satisfied patients.