The word endodontic means “inside tooth”. You may have a damaged front tooth from an injury or a tooth which gives you pain with hot or cold liquids or when you bite down on the tooth. These types of problems are inside your tooth.

These situations indicate there is damage to the nerve and blood supply to the tooth. Root canal therapy or the practice of endodontics can alleviate the pain you are experiencing and save your natural tooth. Once the root canal in completed, the tooth will have to be covered with a protective enamel shell called a “crown”. The addition of a crown will protect the tooth from breaking in the future and is absolutely necessary.

(See Crowns & Bridges for more information).

At Roseville Family Dental Care we are pleased to offer endodontic services. Dr. Kaur has additional education in this field and is able treat most root canal needs for our patients. We keep up to date on the latest state of the art techniques for endodontic diagnosis and treatments. In addition, our staff will ensure your procedure will be comfortable and pain free.

Root canals and crowns are considered because, in all instances, we believe in saving your natural tooth. If a root canal cannot be performed for any reason, the only other treatment option is removal of the tooth. This option is much more costly than a root canal because a dental implant or bridge is then required to keep the rest of your teeth in place after the tooth is removed.

If you are concerned about the cost of a root canal and crown as an alternative to removing a painful tooth, please contact our office. We can assess the participation of your insurance company and give you an estimate towards any out of pocket expenses you may have prior to proceeding with any of these procedures.

We would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your tooth and give you treatment options!

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