One of the things we strive to do for you at our Roseville Dentist office is to prevent you or your family members from having to undergo extensive dental care like root canals or crowns. It has been scientifically proven that if you visit your dentist on a regular basis you are less likely to need additional, more serious dental care later on.

We have a great team of hygienists here at Roseville dedicated to continually updating their professional skills and knowledge. They are happy to chat with you about any of your concerns and to help guide you to a long-lasting, surgery free smile. They will also provide you with great guidelines and simple steps to follow at home to ensure you maximize your dental health. This can include helping you decide on toothpaste, whether you should buy an electric toothbrush, or if rinsing and gargling with a specific mouthwash after you brush is recommended. They will also ensure your visit is comfortable and relaxed.

At Roseville Family Dental Care our wonderful team of hygienists and assistants strive to solve most or all of your dental questions and concerns. You will come away confident about your dental health and your progress toward preventing dental diseases. Call us at (916) 773-4343 for an appointment or consultation today and take your first step toward keeping your teeth and smile healthy for a lifetime.