“Friendly Staff, Quality Care”

Andrew S.


Two Thumbs Up” We felt at home at Roseville Family Dental Care.

Ray and Barb H.


” Natasha was so wonderful. Just wanted to hug her. I was scared coming in and she was just awesome”

– Tammy V.

” Such a pleasant experience. Everyone is so nice. All the girls are wonderful. I’ll be a patient for life.”

– Ronald G.

” I’m lucky I found you guys “

– Elizabeth L.

” I was prepared for pain and discomfort following my treatment, but have no pain whatsoever”

– Regina V.

” I am very happy! And very pleased. I should’ve done this years ago. Thank you for all your hard work.”

– Fred N.

” Roseville Family Dental Care does treat their patients like family.  I don’t know what I’d do without them”

– Bud A.

” Cannot thank Dr. Gary enough.  He has taken away my fear of the dentist”

– Ryan M.

” Irina made me feel extremely comfortable. I have very sensitive teeth and after my first visit I felt great. The staff at Roseville Dental are the Best”

– R. S.

” Man I am really really happy with my teeth. Super job.”

– Allen G. (Summer Hills patient after receiving lengthy dental care treatment)

” Assistant was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.”

– John R.

” I came back because I like it here!”

– Laura F.

” Wow, your shots just didn’t hurt at all. I’ve never had that before where everything as totally comfortable (Patient comments after having wisdom tooth work)”

– Peggy F.

” I am so thankful for my new smile and how it fits. You are awesome and wonderful”

– Wanda H.

” I really like Dr. Gary.  He’s the best dentist I’ve ever had and he’s really patient”

– Raquel S.

” I’m happy to be here with you guys. You guys are pleasant since the moment I walked in”

– Dan V.

” Dr. Gary is really nice. I’m glad we found a dentist like him. And that was the best cleaning I ever had”

– Robert H.

” Tanya was so nice and wonderful on the phone.  She was the deciding factor in choosing this dental office.  Knew from that phone conversation that I would be happy here”

– Ann B.

” I truly believe God sent me to this office. Dr. Gary and his assistants are great”

– Tom J.

” Can’t thank you guys enough for the way I was treated yesterday. The doctor and staff were so personable, caring and friendly”

– Dan P.

“Dr. Gary is talented! Hardly felt the drill. I love that guy.”

– James M.

“Dr Gary did a fantastic job! I really appreciate it .He’s been a blessing”

– Brad C.

“My cleaning was very pleasant. Staff are so sweet and helpful”

– Barbara M.

“Dr. Gary is so nice. It’s hard to find a nice dentist.”

– Tina M.

“Patient called to tell us that he stopped chewing tobacco in April 2014 and he promised himself if he was able to quit, he would repair his smile. I am so happy I got the call to come in and place my new teeth.I was so distracted at work. I love to show off my new smile now”

– Jef T.

“Everyone in this office is so nice”

– Racquel S.

“Anesthesia was great. Best ever.”

– Charles K.

“Love the new staff. Miriam is awesome. Natasha is sweet. and terri is just great. This is really a good group.”

– Steven D.

“Natasha did a great job! She has a fantastic chairside manner”

– Brad

“Thank you for getting me in, you guys are great”

– Arnie

“I just love this place. I refer all my friends and family here. Tina is amazing! Dr. Gary has been taking care of me for years. I love coming to the dentist.”

– Elizabeth E.

“Alla is awesome!”

– Joe G.