Not every dental practice offers you the wide range of options to improve your smile as we do at Roseville Family Dental . We have the expertise with over 20 years of experience to find the best solution to your dental needs.

Dental Veneers give you a fresh smile for a fraction of orthodontic costs.Dental Veneers are an option we offer to correct stained teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth, and misaligned teeth, to lengthen or shorten a tooth, correct gapped, crowded or chipped teeth and veneers can also correct some minor alignment problems without the expense or time of orthodontics.

We mainly use dental veneers or “porcelain veneers” on patients who already have a healthy tooth to which we can attach a new custom made, tooth colored porcelain shell. The personalized new tooth shell is bonded to your original tooth, changing the shape, color, size, length or whatever you have desired to enhance your smile. The result is a dramatically improved appearance.

Using veneers give our patients much quicker results for less money than orthodontics. The veneer procedure is done in two appointments. Impressions, digital photographs and computer aided shade matching technologies are all used in conjunction with our dental laboratory to ensure you receive the best possible result.

On the second appointment, you have the final say to whether or not you are happy with the fit, color and aesthetics of your customized porcelain veneers before they are comfortably attached to your teeth. You leave this appointment with a brand new smile!

Veneers do not have any special care requirements. As long as you maintain good dental hygiene along with the rest of your teeth, the veneers will continue to brighten your smile!

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